No Distance

Tonight concludes a good day; one – if I be wise – to be built off of…

And I am reminded this evening of my father; the relationship I had – and continue to have – with him.

Like no one else in my life; he taught me the efforts of being human and continually striving for All Love. To choose love unconditionally, at all times, to the best of one’s ability.

One of my favorite Dad stories is:

On a particular phone call, my dad made a point to check in weekly for a few years towards the end of his life, I said I’d like a deeper relationship with him. A closer, more loving relationship. He said he was game.

The next weekend, we butted heads on the phone call. As we were saying good-bye, i said this didn’t feel like the close relationship we’d talked about last weekend. He replied, this is absolutely it.

I love you. And I know you love me. The conflict is part of our journey in a deeper, more loving relationship. And we do it with the knowledge that we love each other. To go through such conflict and to continually love each other; that is Love.

So, tonight I am grateful for the closeness I feel with my father… it’s been almost thirty years since he passed away. He’s remained an integral part of my intimate life – and I feel him strongly; undiminished with time.

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