Meine Schwestern

Today I am so very grateful for my two sister’s who are in Nicaragua staying with our mother. They arrived there on Friday and spent that day and Saturday with my mom at the hospital in Managua. After having discussions with the medical staff and then a discussion with our mother they went to work…

All Things Must Pass

The moon rises on a different world this evening. Things are changing; chapters end – new ones begin. I am grateful that my sisters are with our Mother. I hear your words – you gave me a lot of wonder full experiences. Sólo el amor prevalece…

Day number ????

Today I am grateful to be alive. Every day that the creator gives to me is a blessing and so I am grateful for each and every one of them.

Memoria, memoria

I guess I am glad I don’t own a gun. I guess I am grateful for the time I spent with Syd today. It was easy; nice walk. Good game. I guess I am grateful for those I can communicate honestly, and thoroughly with. I guess I am grateful for our humanity.

What the heck?

Things happen and life continues on…until it doesn’t. One thing that I am learning, no matter how healthy you are, when it is your time, the creator will call you and take you with him. There have been several people that I know or have heard were given a clean bill of health who passed…

Upon Us All

I guess tonight I am grateful for the cycle of life, a little rain, a little sun, the things that help us grow. And we all know, we also pass away from this plane. I’m sick. I have some things to do to continue getting back into integrity.

Never change

Here is an update on my mother, who lives in Nicaragua. She is still in the hospital and probably will be for the next few days. When she arrived in the hospital, she was incoherent and was not able to speak. Last night she was sitting up in her bed, feeding herself and shooting a…


August third is one of my sisters’ birthday. I am very grateful for her. You know when the skies are in turmoil? Greys and shadows swirl about in gusted winds of lightening thunder. Waves rip and roar in rabid flecks of foaming heights… She is the rock upon which one may rest assured. Well rooted,…

Her name is….

This morning my siblings and I were informed that our mother, who is 86 and lives alone in Southern Nicaragua, was in an ambulance heading to a hospital in Managua. As you may imagine, there were a lot of messaging and phone calls happening. As the day went on and I had some time to…

Sometimes; August Rain

I woke up this morning It’s not a given But it is a good thing to do I stretched and listened To morning radio Made veggies and eggs And I got some work done And I thought about this coming Saturday And planned for some of the fun And I reminisced Felt the sadness for…

here fishy, fishy

Today I was able to spend the afternoon on a sail boat with some great friends. We saw some manta rays jumping out of the water, a sea turtle floating and a lot of fish. We snorkeled and paddle boarded, swimming with the fish. It was a great afternoon, topped off with a fabulous dinner….

Full Belly

I am grateful for the beautiful day I experienced today in which I had a solid healing experience. I am grateful for the grace with which Dr. Herukhuti held space for learning. I am grateful for the cohort I am a part of to remain present for learning and healing. I am grateful for Rev….