Change is Oh, So Hard

I am grateful for the new computer I purchased last week. It is beautifully built at Renew Computers Inc. in SR… and from my research, I received an excellent price for the machine. And now, I need to correct some mistakes I made. (Hello video drive I forgot to remove from old machine – you’re…

Growing Up

When I was much younger I used to think that I did not ever want to be an old man; and Sixty was old, so I thought. Today I toured an apartment at a 55+ facility. It was a nice place and all of the residents that I met were all friendly, cheerful people. I…

It’s A Wonder Full Life

I am very grateful for the friendship formed with a young woman from Germany, Sarah. We co-produced 2B at College of Marin. I think we were quite successful. I don’t know for sure that I would have done it without her involvement right from the beginning… AND—she also rescued my LWG podcast as a last…

Communication, once more

“Tommy can you hear me? Can you feel me near you? Tommy can you see me? Can I help to cure you?” My brother and I were talking this evening and I thought that it would be a great idea for a cellphone carrier to do a mash-up of all the songs that had some…

Learning some ting

I am grateful for the insightfulness that I get to see in myself.  I think that I can make it by coasting down a small hill and I realize that nope, I am going to have to step on the gas a little and man-up.  I am grateful for this knowledge; reflective abilities and Learning…

Ride or Die

I am grateful for the person I haven’t met yet… and a long, slow burn into a sunset.

Fuzzy Little Man Peach

I am grateful for the zany, crazy, absurd, ridiculous, amusingly, unconventional, idiosyncratic, eccentric, bizarre, weird, peculiar, quirky, unconventional, off-center, strange, outlandish, ludicrous, mad, insane, clownish, madcap, silly, lighthearted, waggish, wacky, screwy, nutty, cracked, oddball, off the wall, way out, dippy, cuckoo, daft, kooky, wacko, and in left field.

What is, What is not

There is so much to be grateful for. Meeting new friends and family; helping others with situations. Being alive is a good reason to be grateful.

Light Lee

I am grateful for the presence of mind to know I am no worse and no better then no other. It makes it easy for me to breathe — this realization. g’night


Ich hab eine grosse liebe fur schlafen.  Really it is nice to be able to sleep in. I am grateful that I was able to do so today.  

Two in a Row, Ho

What am I grateful for tonight? The company kept; was nice to speak freely. What will I be grateful for tomorrow? For things I wept; it’s nice to clean house.

Other Things

I am grateful for the people that keep bringing alternative narratives to experiences. And holy holy… some people are bat shit crazy in my humble (really? humble??) opinion. I guess I am grateful for some strength to lay waste to the grounds and walk away. I know they have their story. And I’m the nemesis…