It is Me

Popeye used to say, “I yam what I yam.” That is me! I am who I am and I can be nothing else. I am very grateful that I have the drive and knowledge to want to continue to improve upon myself. I am grateful that I have family, friends and a wonderful partner who…

Thank you UCSF

Took my daughter in to see an Endodontist today… I was told if they needed to do x-rays, it would be $200. They did take an x-ray – and there was no charge. So, yeah… there’s that.

Time Spent

Today I am grateful for the time that I am able to spend with Family and Friends. Leisure time, just hanging out and talking, yep it is wonderful to be able to relax.

Real Easy

I am grateful for the opportunity to hang with my brother Toast tomorrow night and check out one of my personal favorite artists…

Roads less traveled

Today I am very grateful for the new roads and oceans that I am allowed to travel; especially the new oceans! This past weekend my wonderful partner and I took her boat down the coast about 25 nautical miles, anchored and spent a great afternoon, relaxing, fishing and just hanging out. I could not have…

What’s Goin’ On

Tonight I am grateful for Marvin Gaye. I’ve been up since 3:30am. It is now almost 9:30pm. I was fading about 2 hours ago – and his voice gave me a second wind… that I needed to finish up the night’s work.


Great health. Great family. Great friends. There is a lot to be grateful for.

‘Twas the Ni’ Before

I am grateful for the beautiful, warm day God gave me to run errands and get things done… And – I did cross quite a bit off of my accountability list I have with my brother… which I am also grateful for. And I’m grateful his dear friend is joining us in our weekly accountability…

I am positive….

I am grateful that I have a positive attitude. I know that I am not always correct and I am willing to learn, to educate myself. For these things I am grateful. It seems to make life easier for me. I try not to dwell on the negatives in life, it is too short to…

I Guess I Am

Tonight, I am grateful for my happiness. I am looking forward to tomorrow; to another day of Joy & challenge. Today was a good day. Tonight, a good night. A lot accomplished, I believe… and a lot of it ethereal – unpublished… Just those involved need know. So, yes – I am happy because I…


This weekend I am officiating a huge, national soccer tournament. I went to check into my hotel room, that the tournament booked for me, only to be told that they did not have a reservation for me. I called one of the contacts that I had and was told to send her and another gentleman…

Hard Enough

Considering the state I woke up in… it’s been a pretty good day. Awesome workout with Studio Thirty and my eldest daughter. Great breakfast with two of my three children. Business moving. (Where to, I cannot say…) Even the rumbly in my tumbly isn’t really messing up the day. I am grateful for my life.