As I Write

Ah, saying good-bye. So hard. I seem to take a very long time in doing it.

A very close person in my life once guided me by letting me know I’d do well to learn to get used to the comings and goings of people.

In this moment, I am feeling very close to a friend who passed when I was in third grade. That was the first of someone leaving that I was very sad about… didn’t “make sense”. Finality is an event of this Earth.

I am grateful that I have let everyone close to me know that I love them at some point in our relationship.

AND, one must accept—I suppose—that we are not always seen for who we are… that in another’s eyes we are the villain. And I believe a part of us plays that out; I feel that play take place.

Here is a video of two gentlemen that forged a powerful partnership together and created some amazing music.

I am grateful for the powerful partnerships in my life. I hope we are blessed to create some amazing things together.

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