Early to bed

I am grateful i am going to bed early tonight. I’m not sure what is going on; my energy is very low today.

One Step

I am grateful that my partner in crime, Marc Wendt, did his accountability… so that I remained doing the artwork for today’s episode of Moped Outlaws. I enjoyed doing it. I like the outcome. And of course, I am grateful for Martin Luther King Jr., who showed a man can be human, and still represent…

The way things are

I am grateful tonight that I was able to connect with support and get a client’s ecommerce back up and running. Turned out to be a fairly simple fix – and there were a lot of gremlins in the machine. There was some cleaning to be done. I am grateful to have the know-how for…

Head Over Heels

I really feel like I am stumbling about right now… This dang cold is persisting; and I feel off my game. So – in this state – what am I grateful for? I’m grateful for my son pitching in for some house supplies.I’m grateful for family and friends.I’m grateful I am still helping people out……

so fresh and so clean

Last Wednesday afternoon/evening, I felt a winter cold coming on… a couple of my children were traveling through it. I was hoping I wasn’t going (in honor of my brother) to choose to get sick. But I did. Yesterday it really kicked in. So, I rested good deal of today… And as I was just…

She Good

I am grateful that my eldest daughter is safely on her way to the airbnb be rented in south lake tahoe… major storm warnings; road closures due to ice and cars sliding. she and her partner in crime decided to go for it… yes to adventure! for a minute, they were stuck on a side…

About a Minute

I am grateful for the bed I sleep in. It is warm; it is comfortable. I have a roof over my head; food in my belly when I go to bed. I’m close to loved ones… and other loved ones are a phone call/text away. Imma gonna go rest in it now – looking forward…

Boogie Oogie Oogie

I am grateful for the vibe – the feel good feeling.. like eggnog and mistletoe – kids ‘n’ presents… Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future… Fires in the hearth and heart. Yep – I am grateful for The Vibe… or God… Love… whatever you’re comfortable with. Double Comfort.

A Little Rest

I am grateful that I rested most of today. Some things are now behind – I think I needed the rest. So I am completing this simple post, and heading back to bed… possibly staving off a cold.

‘Tis The Season

I am grateful for the Spirit of Christmas, that blows throw the icy halls of rising canyon walls built from steel and concrete… softly cloaks wood and meadow in cotton blankets of white whispers from sunny summer memories. I am grateful for the tales told, the treats baked and boiled, the chorus that fills the…

A little help from my friends

I am grateful for my friends; my family. I’m grateful for the depths and heights I’ve lived through in my life… that’s extreme sports in my opinion. I am only able to due to the lifeline my close people give to me.

Thank you UCSF

Took my daughter in to see an Endodontist today… I was told if they needed to do x-rays, it would be $200. They did take an x-ray – and there was no charge. So, yeah… there’s that.