Lightness of Being

Vibrating between Spirit and Physical; tidal flows… constantly choosing the essence of one’s life to live from – our personal truth. It isn’t an easy life in my experience. I’m grateful for all that lighten our burden as we walk.

Got ’em

I’ve been struggling with my video projects for a while; a few months… maybe a half a year. I didn’t realize how much I had been struggling until today. A video project I intended to have live at the end of December last year kept jamming when I was attempting to render it. I attempted…

A change of heart

I was going to write something about the dark and the light; evil and divinity as two sides of the same coin. I think I am mistaken in that… I am grateful for universal forgiveness; the balm that heals me. And I am grateful for those who stick with me, continually forgiving so we may…

means and ways

My machine, my main machine, is in the shop… so tonight I’m grateful for the different means available to post.

Breakfast cereal

Sometimes so simple… amongst the big world items; health, friendship, family, love… It sometimes is just the fact that I made it to the store in time for a bowl of cereal with blueberries—’cause that’s what I was craving for the last few hours… and I made it with just two minutes to spare. I’m…

That’s a wrap

I am grateful for another day in the can. We didn’t get it all done; so – I’m spending the last day of the year, at least a portion of it, helping a friend move. It’s a good life; feeling the Love I do for all I know.


I’m grateful for my freedomI’m grateful for the worksI’m grateful for the falling downAnd grateful for the quirks I’m grateful for the colorsI’m grateful for the tastesGrateful for the nativesThat show me great escapes Grateful for the curvesAnd grateful for the dropsAnd grateful for the special guestsThat play late night What the Pops

A beautiful mess

Did I do this one already? It rings familiar… if I have; well – it’s all apropos. A life coach I know has recently been posting about being messy. That our mess, emotional mess, is part of one’s spiritual journey. And The Beatles have been coming into my realm a the past few days; both…

Happily ever after

A great story unfolds; slowly – peels back layers. Each layer exposes an affinity to the listener, upon which they are lead deeper and deeper into the midst and experience of the story. The story is now alive. Once belonging only to the originator, the creator if you will, it is now growing—like a flame—embodied…

Happy Shiny People

Today, I ventured to the post office… the line was short – the wait long. When I got to the window, the postal worker on the other side was very pleasant; cracked a nice joke, laughed at a crack I made a bit later. I believe we both had a pleasant exchange… as it were….