Greg Wilker

Yes – this might come across as an advertisement… ce la vie. 🙂 I am grateful for the site, I often have tasks I need assistance with, from excel docs, voice over work, language translations, illustration work, logos… i think you get the point. It is a wide variety of tasks. I continually, and … Read More »

Something bigger

In third grade, one of my best friends passed away. I recall not understanding why the memorial my father and i attended really said nothing about my friend – it was just a regular church service. I recall my mother encouraging me to play with his younger brother, but it really didn’t fit for me. …

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new things: spring

Tonight I am grateful for a new, intimate relationship in my life. the newness is fresh (so fresh ‘nd so clean) a lot being discovered and i appreciate that i might be, might be, a bit wiser with this… maybe none-the-less: i am grateful she is willing to explore possibilities with me.

Dancing… Dancing… Dancing

I am very grateful for a very full plate of work… I am grateful that I am feeling blessed by my workload. It’s such a drag when lazy Greg takes the stage. And not drag in a good way. 😉

Sometimes it’s like this

I’m still grateful; and – i’m feelin’ it tonight. A bit of the lonely feeling, melancholy… The energy wants to subside. So, I’m grateful for a full day – and a comfortable bed. One day at a time…

I’m glad that I spent it with you…

I have a lot to be grateful for today. Work went well. I visited my good friend, Furbee. And when I got home, Life reminded me that I am normal – not special. Just another wonderful human being, making one’s way through a wonderful life. I am grateful for that.

A Fine Dine (ing)

In my right mind i know, there is a lot, always, to be grateful for… And in tonight’s post, I’d like to call out the dinner I just had with Bodhi and Jonah… and the fine conversation and examination of life we all three of us had. A fine dining indeed…