Another Kind of Patience

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about patience. I was grateful (and still am) for the people I am doing work for; their patience. Tonight, I am grateful for my own patience. I have been thinking it would be wise for me to get bluetooth pods for my phone for some time… over a…

Comes A Rain

I am grateful for barefeet For the writing on the walls For a hard rain… I guess I am grateful for a full belly. For the consistent reminders that INFINITY is real.

Patience… yeah, yeah…

I am very grateful for the patience of the people I am doing work for… I am getting better; and I have a ways to go – I think. I’m also grateful for the book “Mindset”. It is supporting me to change and lean in to growing up instead of shying away like a little…

Huump Daay

I am grateful for the family For the friends For the people willin’ to say sorry And make amends I am grateful for the freedom to be I am grateful for the support for me I am grateful to my brother And a brother from another mother And a mother to be That supports me…


我感谢不同的人,不同的文化,不同的观察方式,……我很感激高潮和低谷。 对于电梯和打击。 我感谢生命的无限香料。 我感谢品种。


Life is a little full these days… a little hectic. And I’m not alone in the arena. So, tonight, two of us overwhelmed humans clashed. I was one of them. I am grateful for calmer minds that were able to intervene and keep things rolling. The work got done. Diplomacy.

They’rrrrrrrrrreeee Great!

Strange as it may seem, I am grateful for being able to walk down the street with Marlin and purchase a box of Frosted Flakes. You see, I’ve been craving Frosted Flakes for about four days straight now… It might not be a wise choice. It might not be sane. But tonight, before I go…


I am grateful for the ability to schedule a post. the end

My Brother

Redundant? Maybe. True? Absolutely. This week? Seems to be about LOVE. I am listening to Viola Davis’ autobiography, “Finding Me: A Memoir”. This fuckin’ true story… man – it breaks hard and opens up beautifully. It is giving me strength because if she can rise through the challenges of her life… and even arrive sometimes…

One Love

I am grateful for all the people that remind me that choosing LOVE is always going to be the best choice going… I recommend listening to this video: Mr. Santana says it very, very well.

Grateful For Muse(ic)

Tonight ends a very full day. Tomorrow is another one. And another one. Music heals me — I’m grateful for it.

All of My People

I am grateful tonight for all the ties and community I am a part of. I am grateful that I am in a place to help the person who has helped me so much; providing a home for myself, my children, friends and family. I am grateful for the grit and metal upon which my…