Wheelin’, Dealin’, and Healin’

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the experience presented by Rev Brid and the ReMember Institute, to be going through it with the other students of the Heal Thyself XVI course.

Mother Jesus

What the hell? Have we been here before. All that’s required is a post and the word… Grateful So… I’m grateful for my brother Aaron. I’m grateful for the work I have and accolades from those I serve. I’m grateful I’m still feeling the Big Dream. I’m grateful for my friends. My family. My enemy….


I am grateful for all those that were working the morning shift in the new emergency wing of MarinHealth Medical Center. I they were so kind and caring. I have a tear in my left calf; not that big a deal. And, it is good to know for sure what is creating the pain, know…


I am grateful today for the energy I had. I attribute it to a friend reaching out – one I hadn’t spoken with for quite some time. I had a wonderful catch-up last night; made it to Studio Thirty this morning. Got five in – and still have a wonderful, glow inside me. It’s been…


A day. I’m not in San Francisco because my daughter’s flight was changed… again. Leaving her stranded for a short time. A short time, because she rebounded and bought a ticket for tomorrow. Hopefully she gets her money back for the b.s. ticket sold – that was for a flight that didn’t exist. There’s going…

Freight & Salvage

Last night, I had the wonderful honor to hang out with Jonah. We actually hung out in what will soon – and at my age, January 2023 is soon – be his neighborhood. We had, as Jonah put it (paraphrasing): “An expensive pizza, considering what you ended up with.” Because I didn’t want all the…

Sometimes I Get Lonely

I am grateful for the night I am grateful for the shadows in which I may hide away I am grateful for the dark I am grateful for the moon I am grateful for another day… in this month of June.

Marauder’s Map

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” Tonight, I am grateful for so much music in the world. I swear, sometimes I can’t take it. And I am grateful for obtuse humor – and an inside joke.

It Was A Memorable Day

I am grateful that I was able to spend this gorgeous day with my family… sharing the joys of our community and relishing the vibe of downtown Mill Valley. I am grateful for my brother and sisters… I am grateful for the vets who gave their lives, living and passed, for their belief in freedom…

I’m Afraid I Can’t Help It

Tonight, I am grateful for the second wind I just got – ’cause there is some things for me to finish before I head off to bed… So, yeah – I am grateful for second wind. ….of course, one can easily find many things to be grateful for. USA gun regulations isn’t one of them.

No Argument Here

A lot of wonderful things occurred today. I am grateful for my relationship with God – as my brother, Aaron, has often referred to himself as. That was a definite highlight; our conversation this evening.