No Idea

I am grateful that I have no idea where I am… and I am exactly where I am supposed to be. (I just threw up into the back of my throat w/ that post… PA-Lease!!)

Color Me Gone

That title is derived from some old school chaos, courtesy of one EBH. Yeah, I am grateful for hitting the road tomorrow… It’s been a long time since I meandered about. Long overdue!

Fire Tear Me Up (I Don’t Burn)

I am grateful for the eternal Grace from which I’m from. I have seen my evil, and welcomed the Spirit lovingly into my darkest haven… for forgiveness and healing. I’m grateful for the LOVE enduring beyond all that is, was, shall be. I am grateful for you, too.

A Light Touch (Please)

I am grateful for my brother. My children. My friends. My passion. I am grateful for the life within. Christmas in summertime. Eternity is calling: grateful.

I Think I See A Light

Of course, I don’t know for sure… it could be a train. One thing about a tidal wave, it eventually tapers out. And in my experience, a film production is a tidal wave. “No one expects the Spanish inquisition.”, Cardinal Ximénez (sort of) Well, this posting is quite the mess. It is all over the…

Talk Talk

I am grateful for this quote. It is in the ocean of dialogue that a person can become truly human. Dialogue is an epic challenge which first requires you to change yourself, rather than trying to change others. Daisaku Ikeda

Given Everything They Had

I am grateful for the people who gave everything for the people of the United States of America. And I am grateful for the opportunity Moped Outlaws has given me to break bread with such people as Donald Dunn.


I am grateful that I am scheduling this tonight… So that I don’t need to do it tomorrow.

Those Were The Days

I am grateful for my family, tight as we are. I’m grateful for the remedy. I’m grateful for chapters, and staying in the game Even during the hard times. And they do get hard.

Back in the Saddle

I am grateful that I had the energy today to get a good jump on production. Things are poppin’ And I do love making movies. Family is coming together. Things falling in place.


I am grateful for a full belly, a warm room with a bed, a pillow for my head, and the love of a dog to keep me company. I am so behind on so much. Never enough time to do all the things you want to do once you find them. So blessed by my…

As I Write

Ah, saying good-bye. So hard. I seem to take a very long time in doing it. A very close person in my life once guided me by letting me know I’d do well to learn to get used to the comings and goings of people. In this moment, I am feeling very close to a…