Full Belly

I am grateful for the beautiful day I experienced today in which I had a solid healing experience. I am grateful for the grace with which Dr. Herukhuti held space for learning. I am grateful for the cohort I am a part of to remain present for learning and healing. I am grateful for Rev….

No song to sing.

These past few weeks have been a blur;so much traveling that I don’t even know what day it is. Thank goodness for my partner, Grace, for reminding me that it is Tuesday. I may not always show it but I am so very grateful for her.

Sprouts Through Concrete

I am grateful for humanity – for the True Nature of Spirit; of Life. I am grateful for all that share their Spirit with me – and give space for me to share. I am grateful that through and through, I believe Love will prevail – ’cause that’s Nature. That’s real… Now…. go out and…

Some Help!

Yesterday I sat in a conference with my attorney and soon to be ex-wife. I sat in the conference, but did not participate, this was my attorney’s meeting; he ran it. Soon after the beginning of the meeting, my attorney asked me to leave the office. Thirty minutes after the meeting began, he came and…

Angels in America

I am grateful to hear of a strong ally in the corner of one I care for. I am grateful for a brave, strong voice.


This evening I am flying up to the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a court hearing in the morning to, finally, complete my divorce from my wife. I have no animosity towards her; it was just time for the two of us to complete that relationship with each other. I am going to staying…

Brothers & Sisters

I am grateful for three of the most loving people I know in my life… They have had to put up with me their entire life. Actually, they haven’t HAD to. They’ve chosen to. I know of no better act defining LOVE.


This morning I was reading an article on autonomous vessels; that is vessels not vehicles. While I was reading, I wondered what my father would think about all of the technology that we have today. My father was 59 years old when he passed away and home computers, the internet and mobile cell phones were…

This Post

I am grateful for this blog that gives me an outlet to write creatively. My brother and I have barely any stipulations to what is written. Just once a week, and about something we’re grateful for. And my brother has definitely given me poetic license over the years… (and that brings me a smile; much…


The other day I realized that I am capable of being able to do whatever I want to do. That I can accomplish anything, if I set my mind to doing whatever it takes to complete the task. I am grateful for this realization; now I just need to put it into practice.

Little Genius

I am grateful for the mind of me; the mind I have. I have read that one shows they truly have something by giving it away. I gave my away long ago. And, in doing so, I retained it. I am grateful, hard as it may be some moments… some days… I am grateful I…

Laundry List

I am grateful for the billable work I completed today. I am grateful Kayla forgave me. I am grateful that Maritza cleaned my room first so I could attend today’s Heal Thyself XVI live zoom uninterrupted. I am grateful I sent that email. I am grateful that my call-back isn’t due until July 8th. I…