It’s been a good day. I am grateful for everything about it. Some solid challenges met; and resolved. Progress with other challenges. Great family! Great Friends! Tonight? I am grateful for everything…

My Brother….

Yep!  Today I am grateful for my brother. He forgave me this week for getting my accountability list done a day late. He gave me the idea to write about him for today’s blog post and more importantly in doing so, he reminded me that today is Tuesday I need to write my blog post….


I am grateful for the Mill Valley Public Library. They have given me so much joy… from the live story telling nights, to poetry evenings, books to read, books to listen to, books to buy… And tonight? I picked up a very cool sweatshirt that I won. Just in time, too. It’s getting cold outside.


Two pieces of rope twined together are stronger than just one. Today I am very grateful for my one business partner.  She and I are able to have honest conversations, we are able to disagree as well as agree and in the end, whatever is decided unusually is best for our business and for us. …

Like A Shark

I am grateful for the opportunities to keep moving. Perhaps, like I’ve heard about a shark’s survival, we, too, need to be in motion to be alive. And yet, this goes against the zen thought of just being… I guess I don’t really have any idea about the truth of Life and nature of Being….

Did I Shutter

I am grateful for the many people in my life. The connections I have for the passions within. I am grateful that there is only a Holy silent night. And on this eve before the hallow, I am grateful that the shadows and frights we find inside call us to be stronger — shine brighter….

Heart and Soul

This morning I woke up an hour earlier than I normally would; I woke up at 03:30.  I woke up early so that I could pack the car and drive from the Port of Los Angeles to the Las Vegas International airport where I picked up my partner.  Since I did not have to travel…


I am grateful to be an active part of the TUHSD Racial Justice Task Force… Because there is work to do. And it is an honor to do it. 

Is it Live or Memorex?

This week I was supposed to be traveling to Canada for a business trip; the trip was postponed by the Canadians so I stayed home.  Since I did not have to travel, my partner invited me to attend a jazz concert with her and two other friends out in Temecula; about an hour and a…


Saved my self a few bob, I did. A couple o’ quid left in me pocket. Got an appraisal a week or so back. 500 plus they wanted. And, being them a body shop — it was a fair price. But… 500 bens for a bent-up truck’s fender? It’s just the bloody holes of the…

Something new

I am very grateful that I have the ability to learn and retain what I have learned.  A little over a week ago a friend showed me how to bleed the fuel lines on a generator; this is on a boat that I captain.  What he showed be was different than what is in the…

just enough to finish

I am grateful that I had enough left in the tank to brush & floss before going to sleep…