Write now

There is a lot happening and it is so hard to wait! I am so grateful that I have my health and that I am able to officiate soccer games at a high level. I am grateful for the love in my life; for the people who remind me not accept any strife. Life is…

Cold thoughts and good livin’

I had a cold thought this morningCame upon me unawareOn the tails of a text messageSaying she wouldn’t be in townThis holidayAnd hoped I’d be alrightCelebrating by myselfAnd the snow fell lightlyOn cold, hard cementAs winter winds swept throughThe hallowed canyons ofHigh-rise steelAnd I’m still not sure how I feelBut I know I’m not aloneAnd…

It’s Mobile

I am very grateful, just like my brother Greg, that I am able to complete this post using my cell phone. I tried to post earlier but the internet was sporadic. So eliminate the excuses and just get it done.

Walking through

As the doors open up and time flies by, I try not to hesitate, and walk through to what is before me. I see that it is good and fear is self created. I love and have love. I live and have life. Be patient. I am grateful for time spent on this world.

different ways to do things

this is going to be quick… because our internet is out, i’m posting from my phone, and i’m tired… so – yeah: I’m grateful there’s different ways to do things.

It is something new

I am very grateful for the new opportunities that come before me. I am grateful for the opportunities to educate others. I am grateful that Grace reminded me this evening that it was Thursday.

With A Little Help

I am grateful tonight that the trip north, across borders, was positive. It wasn’t looking good this morning. This evening a place was found for a brother to move in to. And he was quite happy with the news. Over all, I believe he’s had a solid hit of Joy over the past 24 hours……

Plans changed

Today I was supposed to be on-site working with a client. As I was getting ready to leave to go to their facility I received an email from them stating that they were not ready for me to work with them. I am grateful that they emailed me and that I saw it before I…

Almost See the Light

I am grateful for the opportunity To visit a close friend one more time I imagine his hard grind In this life Is close to being done For his sake, I hope it is And, I leave tomorrow to visit him one more time.

So Much; My Cup Bleeds Over

“Roll outta my coffin
Drink poison in my chalice
Pride begins to fade
And y’all feel my malice”
#TGS #D11


This afternoon in a casual conversation with one of my neighbors, a gentleman older than me, he asked me if I have take the time to reflect on all of the blessings that I have had in my life. I answered, “Of course I have.” He replied that it is truly amazing how many blessings…

Peace Through Relations

I am grateful for all the relationships I am graced with. Through them all I learn. Some may be the school of hard knocks – so be it. I recently heard that miracles are a social/inclusive event. They are not manifested alone. Thus pointing to the knowledge of that which is Divine being inclusive. I…