“There is nothing I love better…”
~ Alicia Keys ~

I have had wonderful experiences of sharing intimacy recently; expanding my ideas and comforts with what I believed intimacy was…

Part of what I learn is to be vulnerable; to keep withdrawing my attempts of safety – control. To give until i’m down to the hardened bone – hitting the edge of my being and thus wanting to withdraw all I’ve given – the stance I’ve taken.

And that’s when to press in; go harder… take another step… into areas of discomfort. Stand in the fire; burn off that which has kept me imprisoned in my own imagined state.

I am very grateful for one in London, who’s agreed to play with me… and the coaching, family, and friends continuing to show me Love. I’m grateful for the dinner last night… for the coffee and conversation last Saturday… for the moment to moment Spirit calling me out of my shell.

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