Ride the Tornado

I do not need much to live on; I am happy with a roof over my head and good, healthy, fresh food on my plate. I am not saying that I can’t do more and enjoy more opportunities when I have more money. I can! What I am saying is that I do not need it. The funny thing is that once I realize that I do not need any more money, along comes an opportunity and I am making money.

What I would like everyone to understand is that a lot of these opportunities are me working hard to make them come to past. Nothing is just handed to me. I make some sacrifices and I work hard and in the end, I reap the benefit or reward; which is usually financial.

As I gain financial prosperity, I also enjoy helping others. Once again, this doesn’t always have to be a financial contribution, it could be physical or just advise. I am grateful for the life that I am living; a life of love and less fear!

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