Black Lives Matter

I am grateful for the voices wiser then my own – helping to keep the energy moving. Change happens with critical mass.

I hope and pray we’re now at critical mass… It’s been a long time coming.

Please; shut up about all lives matter… It is not time for watering down the narrative; decreasing the energy for change.

It is time to press forward like never before.

For the first time that I am aware of, equality is being demanded by humanity. It is a current event; globally.

We all will benefit from the Black Lives Matter movement’s success.

Then, when we all are at the dinner table, laughing together, we can then acknowledge that all lives matter. And we’ll see the proof of that; everyone joyfully gathered together at the feast.

I am grateful for every heart, for every mind, for all souls that know that as long as one is crying out for justice – there is ground to be gained on the field of equality. Justice… Life.

(Click on that FB icon in the embed below, click on the first image – and read through… you will be uplifted.)

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