Wonder Full

This week began on Sunday, just because that is what the calendar states. Sunday was a great day! I took my partner, Grace, around Terminal Island in San Pedro Harbor on her dinghy. We saw sea lions sunny themselves, big container ships and small personal vessels. It was a great day on the water; we then went over to a friend’s boat and enjoyed an evening hanging out with them. I also was able to observe the Full, Lunar Eclipse that night; it was so cool.

Monday, I had school, took a pre-test for my final, I think that I will pass. Tuesday, I worked on a charter, taking a group around both the Long Beach and Los Angeles shipping terminals. As I was working this charter, I was also training a new deckhand, who did a great job. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and evening. Wednesday morning saw me at the Orange Coast College School of Seamanship and Sailing. I was volunteering to help students from San Pedro High School with a boat handling lesson. Unfortunately, they had some logistical issues on their end that prevented them from coming to the docks in Newport Beach. I still spend a small amount of time on the water in a seventeen-foot Boston Whaler; any day on the water is a good day. Wednesday evening, I flew back home to Scottsdale.

It is now Thursday afternoon and work is flowing along, things are getting done and I am very happy. As my brother, Greg, stated, “I am happy that I woke up today.”

I am grateful for all of my opportunities and choices. I hope that the majority of the time, I choose wisely.

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