Just To Be

I awoke this morning to a beautiful day. Off to Studio Thirty for a brisk, invigorating workout.

Back home; had a solid breakfast.

Got some updates done on the CEERT site… after getting it back online.

Took my brother, Syd, to the DMV and got his ID ordered. Then we hung out and watched some of the A’s vs. Twins game on his TV.

He loves the A’s.

Got back home and started cleaning up a mess that I somehow created; not watching a project closely enough so that it stayed on course.

And then? Talk with my brother by blood and his partner… told him about my learning experiences from Monday – which he immediately got. It is always good to be heard.

And then I headed out the door to go meet with another close friend of mine. She shared the challenges of her life. Mine pale in comparison.

Oh, yeah… I’d forgotten to take Marlin out for a walk – so he accompanied me… and the three of us had a short walk around her neighborhood.

Back home: a lite dinner and some, Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I’m heading off to bed…

I am grateful that I woke up this morning.

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