Viva la Revolution

I think we are in the midst of a global revolution; and Amerikkka is under going a serious transformation.

I admit; I was one of the blind ones four years ago.

oh sure, I made a shirt that hinted at the plausibility that DT could be president… and that our anger, regardless of where we thought we were directing it towards, was fueling the fire driving him towards the whitehouse.

but i thought it was impossible that he’d truly be our president of the united states.

so we’ve had four years of his leadership

and the energy is building

right now; i think it is a fairly even race between Joe and Don. perhaps i’m stating that so i am awake for this election year – not asleep as I was 4 years ago.

our postal service is being messed with – that’s real

there’s a lot of energy to help people get their vote counted for this November’s election… is it enough?

it is if we all take action; even the smallest of actions to ensure your vote is counted

let’s let our vote, our mind, determine the course of our country in this time of dystopian change

I am grateful for the voices of the people: US

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