This week I am on a self-imposed quarantine. I am having a simple, preventive procedure done, the beginning of next week, and if I quarantined for a week, then it could be done in a private surgery center versus having it done in a hospital. I have been playing Russian Roulette with COVID-19, but why load the pistol with more than one bullet; I choose the private surgery center over the hospital.

The good news is, being quarantined has allowed me to catch up on some sleep, clean my desk and work on some things that I have been putting off. So this has been a productive week. I would much rather be else where with the beautiful lady that I love, but this one week of sacrifice is probably worth it.

So today I am grateful for good health, great love and the wonderful life that I am living. I cannot wait to get out of the Bay Area and back to my love and Sur La Mer.

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