The Vine


All music genres are delectable.

And I love live music; collecting live shows. I have a lot – though far short of many I know. Music is one of the elements of life that is eternal: I’ll never listen to everything I have and there is always more to discover.

My title to today’s post refers to the days of analog, when we’d (we collectors) would sign-up to a vine of a show… a cassette would be passed around. I’d receive a copy, make copies for other vine members, and then pass it on to the next in line… Ah, the good ol’ days – and thus I am an old man with that memory. (cassette tapes?? wtf??!!)

Those days are gone, now things are passed around through the unseen pathways of zeros and ones…

But today? Today I am grateful for this killer video copy I got of a pearl Jam show in Seattle… over three hours of screamin’ rock n’ roll!! Quality? Exceptional! The show? Epic!! daaaaammmnnnn…..

So – yeah. Very grateful for this copy I received… and a special shout out to the people that keep the honor of passing around live music.

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