sober off this

I am grateful for GHD.
Tonight I heard Mo’Nique talk about the power of partnership; to have someone with you that let’s you know you’re not crazy.
“Hey, baby, you got this! Let’s go!”

I realized I do not have that. The one I walk with, trusting in that I’m not crazy—is G-D.
And the rub is, now and then I wonder if I am crazy for putting such merit in something I don’t understand, can’t see, and rely on via FAITH in a very strong sense.

What I can say is, my limited understanding of יְיָ is from the eternal flame only LOVE extends, only PEACE extends, only LIGHT extends—from these come forgiveness, hope… equity. All are blessed from the gifts and miracles of the Holy Spirit.

So, absolutely, I am deeply grateful for the intimate family and friends I walk with. Tonight is an epic example of the merit and grit in the spirit of people I am very close with. However, when it comes to my continued push through my inner shadows to know my core, the essence from which I am created from, right now—I walk alone.

And, yes, I might be crazy… and maybe not.

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