Team Efforts

Being a former soccer player, coach and now I officiate, I know what “Team Effort” means.   As great as Pele, Messi and Ronaldo are or were, they never single-handily won a game or tournament; they had ten other players, coaches and support personnel helping them. I feel very grateful that I have a wonderful team of people working with me at my new job. This week I was able to witness a team of people, internal and external of our organization, come together to make a bad situation, brought on by the weather, a minimal situation as well as rectifying it in an expedient manner. We are not done with the overall situation, but the staff, faculty, students and neighborhood are safe.

I am also very grateful for my sisters teaming up to interact with people in Nicaragua, handling the last of my mother’s affairs. They have done a fantastic job of keeping my brother and I updated on what is going on.

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