Ship Tight

This past week I had the pleasure of captaining my friends boat, Sur la Mer, over to Catalina island; where we spent the night. The next morning we moved into a position off of West Point on the island to act as an observation and support vessel for the Ocean Cup Race, a high speed motor boat race. The race was the beginning of the Huntington Beach Air Race, which ran Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday after leaving Catalina we cruised down to the Huntington Beach Pier and watched the stunt planes, the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angel’s. Seeing these performances from the ocean was incredible!

I am so grateful that we had some great people join us for the Twenty-four hour cruise. I am grateful that Sur la Mer did a great job out on the ocean; and I am very grateful that the classes that I am taking at Orange Coast College in their Marine Activities program are paying off. I am very comfortable cruising out on the ocean and I am really enjoying it as well.

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  1. Greg Wilker says:

    that was a good vibe 🙂

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