A day.

I’m not in San Francisco because my daughter’s flight was changed… again. Leaving her stranded for a short time. A short time, because she rebounded and bought a ticket for tomorrow.

Hopefully she gets her money back for the b.s. ticket sold – that was for a flight that didn’t exist. There’s going to be some back and forth on this one I think…

And I am finally getting a handle on some programming that is new to me: twilio. Still a beginner, though… so, no, I’m not ready to help you with that.

And our production meeting for Moped Outlaws went well… some schedule changing as one of the hosts is teaching kids starting this coming Friday.

I made it to Studio Thirty – the nations premier cardio-strength training studio this morning; even after a night of crazy dreams. And Marlin and I went for a nice walk this evening…

I am grateful there are beautiful places to hike so close to my home.

AND – I recommend Adam Sandler’s new movie, out on Netflix: Hustle.

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