Live Music

There is soooooooooooooooooooo (alright! stop it now!!) much to be grateful for in this moment – I could go on for hours, writing ad nauseam about family, friends, acquaintances, challenges, peak experiences… some things… all that I am grateful for.

I’m grateful that I’m getting this post in before evening; before the late, last second item I do before bed… tired, rung out… just wanting to get this post and #0Time in the can so I can retire the day… all of which I am grateful for.

Today? I am going to highlight the incredible music collection I have. One of my addictions; my passions… is to collect live music and other forms of bootlegs (The Black Album before it was officially released; The Grey Album – a brilliant piece of music production…).

I’ll never match some of the collections I’m aware of…. which I’m fine with. What is heartbreaking is—I’ll never be able to listen to everything I do have… and I keep adding to the collection. Can’t help it!

So now and then, I play something I just received… or dust off something I collected and never listened to… and sometimes the experience is – a peak experience!

Today; I’m grateful for my music collection and the resources that have helped me gather it together. Long may we run.

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