Music Genius

On Tuesday, October 6 2020, one of Rock n’ Roll’s legendary guitar players passed away. I cannot say that I am sad, because I never knew Eddie Van Halen personally. I cannot even say that I will miss his music, because there is so much of it recorded. I feel for his family and friends, especially his son Wolfgang, who had the opportunity to work and tour with his father.

I remember back in the late 1970’s, I was about 11, and my brother coming home with a record that just said Van Halen on it. On the backside of the album was a picture of David Lee Roth bending over backwards, his hair flowing to the stage floor. My brother said, “You have to hear this!” He then proceeded to put the record on the turntable in his room, while I sat on the bottom of the stairs that led to our bedrooms. The first song played was Runnin with the Devil. I was okay, that rocks. Then Eruption came on…. I was blown away! WHAT THE F*CK, is that?! Nobody played guitar like that! I have loved Eddie Van Halen’s rocking guitar licks ever since. My kids were taught, while they grew up, that if Van Halen came on the radio, while driving in the car, the volume of the music would be increased significantly.

I am grateful for the music that Eddie has made over the years. I am grateful that I saw Van Halen in concert one time in my life. I am grateful for Rock n Roll!

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