When You Decide to Give Us No Money

I am grateful for the work co-producer/co-host, Marc Wendt, and I have done with our podcast, Moped Outlaws. I just was checking out our third episode; we’ve come a long way, baby!

The title of this post is derived from something I say early in the third episode. Marc and I are about five minutes into this episode and we’re attempting to do something — and what it is… I don’t know. This episode is a mess. Audio quality: poor. Content: poor. We are definitely figuring things out. You eventually hear the makings of our opening theme; which is quite good, imho.

Our hundred and thirty-ninth episode went live today. We now usually have guests on our episodes. We’ve hosted people from all around the world.

As I write this, I realize what an honor it is to have this means for communicating with so many people.

I am really grateful for Moped Outlaws, and Marc’s energy that helps keep the ride going!!

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