Today I am very grateful for two very specific things that are in my life. I love both of them very much.

The first is the sport of futbol/soccer. I love being a part of the referee community. I am paid to exercise, while I get to watch one of the world’s greatest sports, all from the best seat in the house, the field. All that I have to do in return is enforce the Laws created by IFAB and do my best to keep the players safe. I also enjoy educating people who ask about the Laws of the Game. As I explain to players, coaches and fans, all officials know the laws, we just interpret them differently. So I am grateful that I am healthy enough to officiate this beautiful sport and that I am able to do this twelve months a year.

The second thing that I am grateful for that I love very much, is not a thing but a person. My partner Grace. She has encouraged me to be the best referee that I can be, to continue my education in all aspects of my life and to just allow me to be myself. I am grateful to have her in my life; I love the time that we spend together, through good and bad, because I learn from this as well.

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