There but for the Grace…

I am grateful that I’m not doing heroin.

This may seem like a crazy thing to be grateful for; or a bit peculiar. However, this morning, I awoke with a desire to escape the hard work I sense before me.

For, in my sobriety, I see a lot for me to work on to live the life I desire to be living. I need to address my narcissistic & evil tendencies, my revenue stream – so that it handles the regulars life responsibilities I currently have, my sense of loss and victim…

Sometimes, at the bottom of a steep climb, it seems easier to skip it – check out. However, experience has taught me that the climb remains.. and checking out just creates more harm and chaos.

So, yeah… today, I am grateful I am not a heroin addict. Because, my sense of myself is that it wouldn’t be large a step to be one – but the fall would last a very long time.

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