Still Runnin’

This past Sunday I drove my partner’s pickup truck from Scottsdale Arizona to San Diego California. It was loaded to the brim with quite a load. It is not a new truck; in fact it is old enough that it does not have Bluetooth connection in it or even GPS. It does have a CD player which allowed Metallica and The Clash to help me get through the desert.

This truck does not get driven much. I would take it to a soccer game once in a while or if a guest came to visit they may use it to drive around town. There was  just a little bit of worry, on my partner’s part, about whether the truck would break down. It did not. In fact, I had the cruise control set most of the way and with great music and an air conditioned cab I made the five hour trip in relative comfort.

I am grateful that Caballo Blanco made the trip without incident and that it is still runnin’ great!

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