Something bigger

In third grade, one of my best friends passed away. I recall not understanding why the memorial my father and i attended really said nothing about my friend – it was just a regular church service.

I recall my mother encouraging me to play with his younger brother, but it really didn’t fit for me.

I think we all would have been best off just mourning the passing of someone too soon in our own natural ways.

My nephew passed away too soon. It is a wound I do not expect to heal for loved ones close to me.

Things do pass from this planet. I’ve heard that energy doesn’t disappear; it transforms.

Still, the emotions of sadness are a part of this life.

I wish to live each moment so that if it is my last in this body, no stone is unturned. No breath taken for granted.

May each joy resonate from heaven to hell. May each challenge be met squarely.

And may I stand one more time then I fell.

I am grateful for my experiences that have shown me something bigger then just myself, so that i know it in my blood and bones.

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