I’ve been searching for something to write about… that I am grateful for today. It started out alright… but work is /spärs/; has been for a while – in the sense that I haven’t found mine yet.

And motivation is taking a lot these days.

I find the spark between a man and a woman, the heavenly banter of playful glee brings me energy. But today, it all waned away. I thought a friendly voice was in my life for play and purpose… but she disappeared. I thought like a ghost – but today I discovered a message on Facebook from her – she took the time to call me a weirdo before bouncing.

I’m not thrilled with my accomplishments today; not thrilled with my accomplishments over all. However, there are some things I am quite happy with… and I notice how concentrating my thoughts on that which I am pleased with – lifts my energy.

be a presence in my life that lifts; please

I’m grateful for resilience.

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