Nature is Calling

This morning I took a quick walk on a paved trail that runs behind the house of one of my uncles. It was quite and relaxing. Last night we sat out on his back patio, eating ice cream and blueberries, watching the owls and bats fly around us. Earlier this morning I was watching the birds eat from the feeders in the back yard, while a gray squirrel sat beneath the feeders eating the seeds that the birds dropped. The squirrel then ran across my uncle’s patio to get a refreshing drink of water from the small fountain and pond.

When I am in Southern California I enjoy looking out for sealions, dolphins, whales and brown pelicans. I love watching the sea life play and hunt. The brown pelican is my favorite sea bird, the way they skim across the ocean and waves; and who doesn’t love watching the dolphins swim and play.

I love nature, being in it and watching it all around me. I am so grateful for the world on which I live and for all that the creator has given us, to keep us entertained.

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