Mi Madre

I am grateful for my mother.

She brought a lot into my life… one of those things is a great love for music of all genres.

Believe me, in my teens, I attempted to play music that would bother her – or, better yet, bug the shit out of her.

I never found anything that she didn’t like… and I gave it a good shot: KISS Alive (first—and only… imho) and Brain Salad Surgery. She liked them both. Though I do recall her saying one of them wasn’t really her cup of tea—and she let them both play. Multiple times.

I had a good cry this morning while watching the end of Ricky Gervais’ AFTER LIFE… the very end. He ends with a song I remember was of my Mom’s liking; her cuppa tea.

The ending has a beautiful overview of everything; all that was, is, and will be. I think my mom, though very human, also shared this view on life. Ultimately, life is a gift. To unwrap it, just be kind.

I am grateful to my mother for this knowing of life, and for a pervasive love of all kinds of music.

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