Long and boring

What I am most grateful for, all the time, is Love.

It breaks my heart, brings tears to my eyes – and endlessly fills me with Joyful abundance.

It shakes me, as I tottering precariously on the edge, look into the abyss of the unknown.

It holds us all equally: the broken and the strong, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, those that love Trump… and those that hate him.

All of us, deeply held, in a glorious chorus of Hope, and Peace… and Love. It calls us all, wallflowers until we each choose to tenderly reach out and step… out to the floor, joining in the mad, treacherous, deeply wounding, dance of Life. And as we heed the call, like children awakening from a scary nightmare to a glorious summer morning… the spirits of imagination fading off like wisps of smoke. Shouts and laughter fill the poolside air, the sandy beach waves, the mountain stream jumps from rock to rock.

A close friend has passed away suddenly; just last night. I had been speaking with her two nights ago… I imagine another close friend is soon to go; for she was his life raft. His reason and ability to be. But I’ve thought he was passing many a time over the course of this last decade… what do I know?

I know, I want to dance… until the music is over.

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