King Cake

I know it isn’t caucasian correct in physically advanced marin county…

that is alive and well in my mind; where all nonsense resides.

With it’s sugar white frosting and purple/green/yellow sprinkles of diamond cut sweet-treat… delicate white flour folds with cinnamon, cherry, cream cheese… and a BABY! all hidden inside.

Nope – from a physically fit point of view, this is NOT the item to be bought and brought into a health conscious home.

And yet… the one that is almost gone, sitting on the kitchen counter – with knife close by – has been bringing a mile-wide smile to my belly and being. Just thinking about it all brings a giggle to my soul, that gurgles over the rocks and stones hindering the “gently down the stream” scene of my being… smoothing out the rough spots and jagged edges that hurt as i pass over them…

So, tonight, I am grateful for a bit of the absurd in life… and a good ol’ fashioned Mardi Gras King Cake.

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