It’s a sunny day

I have been taking a class at Orange Coast Community College this semester. The class is Boat handling an Seamanship; focused on learning safety protocols on boats and yachts. It also teaches basic navigation, how to handle a power boat, one with a single engine as well as one with two engines, (or twin screws). Today we learned how to do basic sailing, in a small boat with only one sail; no jib.

I am very grateful for this class. I am learning a lot about boat handling and the rules of the water. I am grateful that I have a wonderful lady, partner who supports me and encourages me to take this class and to be my best in it. Today the sky was clear and sunny, there was about an 8 knot wind blowing on Newport Bay and there was not much traffic on the upper channel of the bay. Perfect for eight rookies to take their 16 foot sailboats out onto the bay, solo.

I was nervous this morning. The last time that I went sailing was in the late 1980’s; and I was mostly a passenger. It has been over thirty years and I have never sailed solo. So I was a little apprehensive about going out, by myself, on a bay that can be very busy. It was a great day on the bay! I did great! I was in control of my boat, no problems. I was aware of the traffic that was around me and I had no trouble tacking and jibing my way up and down the bay.

We worry about things that we really should not worry about. We should just face the situation and do our best. It is usually not as bad as we imagine it to be. So once again, I am grateful for the creator who constantly teaches me this lesson.

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