It is new to me

If you have been reading this blog, you know that there is a new lady in my life. Her name is Sur la Mer; which means On the Sea in French. She is a boat or Motor Yacht. Not mine, but my partner’s, I am currently the Bright Boy on board. I am taking a Boat Handling and Seamanship class at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, so that I can learn how to handle her, learn how to navigate and to learn what the rules of the water ways are. You would be surprised how many rules there are, just for navigation alone. You don’t just climb aboard a boat and take off, there is much more to it than that. I have so much more respect for captains, even of smaller boats. I eventually would like to receive a Master Captains license, but one of the requirements is to have 720 hours of Sea Time. This may take awhile.

I am grateful for all of the new things that I am learning. I am grateful all of the new people and friends that have been met since we started the process of looking for boats. I am grateful for this new adventure and new life on the sea.

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