Home Front

This past weekend was spent on the road, officiating another soccer tournament. I have been separated from my wonderful partner for twelve days. She finally arrived at her boat yesterday morning and that is also where I am at. It is wonderful to be back together with her again. I enjoy our brief moments together. I really enjoy sleeping in our own beds; with the noises that I am used to. Even if it is only brief moments I am very grateful for them.

It seems that as I am getting older, I am getting busier. That is okay, I really do not mind. Being busy helps pass the time when I am away from my partner. I am also very grateful that this past weekend was rather overcast and very misty in the San Diego region of California; it helped make it easier to officiate over the eleven games that I was assigned to referee. I don’t mind traveling once in a while, but I really am grateful for the place that I call home. I am even more grateful when she joins me there.

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