Got ’em

I’ve been struggling with my video projects for a while; a few months… maybe a half a year. I didn’t realize how much I had been struggling until today.

A video project I intended to have live at the end of December last year kept jamming when I was attempting to render it. I attempted every trick I know to get it to complete—nothing.

This morning it rendered beautifully.

And the EPK video I’ve been attempting to organize and go through, well, let’s just say I wasn’t quite sure I had it.

Tonight, I’ve found it all and I’m in the process of uploading to a cloud and organizing it to begin previewing for upcoming marketing/promotion efforts. (Thus the post title.)

So, I am VERY grateful for Renew Computers of San Rafael; especially grateful for Al’s work. I brought my machine in to him last Wednesday, explained what I thought was going on—and what I hoped for.

Yesterday I brought home a lean, clean machine.

Yes, I too am wondering, why the F did I wait so long?

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