Freight & Salvage

Last night, I had the wonderful honor to hang out with Jonah.

We actually hung out in what will soon – and at my age, January 2023 is soon – be his neighborhood.

We had, as Jonah put it (paraphrasing): “An expensive pizza, considering what you ended up with.” Because I didn’t want all the extra cheese, just the mushrooms and goat cheese. And there wasn’t sauce – so, to be fair, I requested it to be stripped bare.

It was quite tasty.

And then we wandered over to a local, and well respected, music hall to enjoy the mastery of Tommy Emmanuel. And he delivered! (so far, he always does)

And then there’s the drive there and back, in which we talked about a wide variety of things…

And wished each other well, said “I love you”, and “sweet dreams”…

I am always grateful for time with my children; any one of them, any combination, any time.

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