Four Days of Bliss

I am very grateful for the wonderful time I had in Los Angeles this weekend – this long weekend.

I arrived in LAX Thursday night and was picked up and whisked through the coastal neighborhoods to Santa Monica…

Where I rested and resided until Saturday afternoon.

Wonderful food; beautiful company… really a wonderful time.

And then the M Line took me clattering up into LA proper where I disembarked at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, grabbed some pad thai, and met my brother and son for an epic musical extravaganza!!


Holy Christ ~ But That Was A Show!!!

And then we made it to Long Beach where Sur la Mer awaited to provide shelter and rest…

Arose Sunday morning to some New Year greetings… and a cruise around the Long Beach harbors and coastline… oh, yes – after brunch at the club deck…

And then a tasty meal at Pier 55, and a jam session on Bob’s boat.

Arose this morning to fresh eggs, coffee, and another rumbly ride to LAX…

Where I was brought back home… to drop in on Syd.

…and get back to it.

I am happy.

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