Once again I am very grateful for my huge family. I just spent the evening with two of my cousins from my mother’s side of the family. We were say that if our cousin Susanne was with us, all four of my grandparents children would be represented at the table. I was told by my one cousin, once she found out that I was staying at a residence just down the street, that if I did not come over to visit, she would give me some pain somewhere on my body. I believe her; so I visited. It was great talking about past and present with my two cousins. My grandparents had eleven grandchildren, so it is cool when some of us can get together and chat.

I am still working in Sacramento, so I am now staying at my partner Grace, sister’s place, because it is just down the street from where I am working; and I need to be onsite early each morning.

So I am grateful for the family that allows one to stay at their place; especially when they do not make a big deal about it. I am grateful for the family that can not see one another for several years and then sit down and talk like you just saw each other yesterday.

I am grateful for FAMILY.

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