I am grateful for evolution; the natural process of nature continually moving toward perfection.

I have faith the process is completed, in the place beyond time and space…

It seems a difficult journey. Yet its natural process, because it is natural, can only arrive at a single destination: eternity.

It is our lack of knowing that we exist in eternity that creates the illusion of difficulty – pain… hopelessness, and the necessity for defense.

I heard an analogy recently. A person walks into a movie theater very late, catching the conclusion of the story – which is a happy ending. The individual wants to see the movie in its entirety, so they stay – watching with a new audience. The audience winces, frets, and tightens their muscles as the main character experiences immense, adversarial plot twists. The one watching for the second time – though seeing the plot unfold fresh – knows the ending… so they don’t fret or feel any fear of the ending as the new audience does.

Yes; I am grateful for the natural process of evolution.

There, brother, I doth say the word twice. 🙂

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