Cross Road?

I realized today that I really good be changing my profession. I am working towards something that if I choose, I may do something completely different in my life to make my living. This will not be the first time that I have done this in my life, but it has been over Thirty years since the last time that I have done it. This time is different. This time it seems to be something that I am enjoying, right from the very start.

I am at a crossroad and there are several ways that I may choose to go. I may continue what I am currently doing; I may climb aboard a boat and disappear over the horizon. Right now, I think that I will crack open a beer and ponder….. what I plan on having for dinner.

I am grateful for choices in my life and that I am able to execute once one has been made. Keep moving forward and keep on educating myself. Life should be enjoyed, and it should be full of love.

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