Comin’ in from the cold

First off – I’m very grateful that my brother pointed out the obvious to me this evening, as I shared the story of my morning workout with Habibi and Studio Thirty.

The gentlemen/trainers/brothers of Studio Thirty had just opened their studio when COVID hit. Their dream of their own studio finally realized – and they get hit with a brutal challenge. They quickly adapted to Zoom workouts; which I’ve been very grateful for.

They recently started live workouts in the parking lot. Temperatures taken, masks required, classes limited… and one of the amazing aspects of the 6AM workout outside has been the morning sky; stars a glow… until recently.

The mornings have gotten cold – and I am not currently prepared for a cold morning workout…

So I debated putting my long-johns on underneath my shorts; decided against it. Not due to vanity (at my age? really? jajaja), but because I know it will be colder as we head into winter – and I didn’t want this to be the bar were I acquiesce to warmer clothing, get used to that and then have no layers to move to when the weather really gets colder…

AND – yesterday Marin moved to orange tier with the virus lockdown. Gyms/studios can have limited people indoors.

I am grateful that we were able to workout indoors this morning.

By the way, Studio Thirty is the best damn workout going… best support/trainers on the planet. Check ’em out!

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