can’t you hear me knockin’

It’s July 1978.

I must have had a job at the time because when I got home, my mom lectured me about the fact that i had lied to her, and now she couldn’t celebrate the day with me… a lesson i am still slowly learning the importance of.

i think eddie money opened; followed by peter tosh, and santana… and a two plus hour wait.

it’s Mic’s birthday – later rumors are they were caught up partying in LA where they’d played the night before…

it’s outdoors; oakland… i’m with bob bestor for sure, i think dave wertzberger… suddenly, fanfare music starts playing – a helicopter is circling the stadium releasing ping-pong balls of different colors with the stones logo and blow-up sex girl dolls…

it’s the some girls tour, mic jagger’s birthday – and the best fuckin’ concert i am ever to see. from that day on, the rolling stones hold a special place in me.

and i’m grateful i was there…

since then, i’ve come to learn that a lot about a concert experience has to do with one’s own personal space… there were probably people in attendance that glorious afternoon that walked away disappointed; or for one reason or another – had one of the worst days of their life.

for me – it was one of the best… and i think i have bestor and wertz to thank for my being there… that you, gentlmen – i’m for ever grateful.

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  1. Bob Bestor says:

    Excellent and fitting essay. That was a great, great day. My first concert ever and we had one helluva time. Arrived before the doors opened and spent the whole day right down front. Davey Wertz should have been there, but he was out of town. Kevin Conyers was with us and he was the perfect companion, of course.

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