Brother & Sisters

Tonight I was surprised by a video chat with my sisters and brother. We were brought together by Leah to share in Mavis’ version of Purple Rain from last night’s Grammy special.

If you’re not grateful for the legacy and majesty of Prince; damn, fool, I can’t help you!

And if you’re not grateful for the family you got in your life, and working to stay and move ever closer… well, that’s one you.

And if you haven’t found a reason to keep steppin’, to get on up – again, and again.

If you don’t see the significance for playing the fool once and a while… if you have no ability to affiliate with, seeing eye to eye with a seven year old… feeling the joy of their heart spilling out into the world.

Damn; set you alarm – you fell asleep again!

Oh… I am damn grateful for my brother and sisters!! Damn grateful!!

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