Another Kind of Patience

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about patience. I was grateful (and still am) for the people I am doing work for; their patience.

Tonight, I am grateful for my own patience.

I have been thinking it would be wise for me to get bluetooth pods for my phone for some time… over a year or so.

Lately I have been caring for my son’s dog while he is away at college… which means, a walk, every night. I’ve been playing music on my phone without any earphones or pods – and been a bit concerned about disturbing people as I walk by their homes.

And, there are times when I wish I could listen to the morning show that I enjoy during the morning walk. Yep, at least twice a day — walks.

And now that I am working out at the local rec center, I’ve been wishing I had my own personal soundtrack to listen to while working out.

So, finally, last week… I did the research, found a pair of beats by dre – that were on sale – and pulled the trigger and bought them.

They arrived Saturday, right before I headed out for a workout. That was a great workout Saturday! And I am enjoying listening to books and music as Marlin and I stroll about the neighborhood, without nary a concern about disturbin’ the neighbors.

I genuinely am grateful to own the new bluetooth pods… and I believe it is because it wasn’t a knee-jerk purchase. It came from continual contemplation and experience. It came from my patience – and thus, I feel gifted.

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