An Extraordinary Machine

Today I am grateful for my body; it acted appropriately today.

I had inhaled a giant of a pill, one half a dose of a supplement I take daily. And believe me — these pills are ginormous! I struggle to swallow them on a good day. And today…? Today, the one went down the wrong pipe.

It lodged for a moment on the precipice of the trachea and the oesophagus, then slide down the wrong way. Well, really, it was inhaled into the wrong tube. I started choking profusely, and wondered if I was in any real danger.

However, I was still able to breath. So – after quite a bit of choking – I settled back to the dinning room table and finished my meal. Of course, I continued to cough my way through the meal… I had a pill in my lung.

So, upon finishing the delicious eggs, toast, and OJ before me, I finished cleaning up and then headed up stairs to find an appropriate medical number to call. As the choking/coughing was continued, I was assured there was definitely a pill in my lung(s). Just I was pulling up a general phone number for our local hospital, another small hack and — the pill popped up and out… landing gently in my hand.

So, perhaps that is why I am a bit groggy in this moment. I had a medical brush with destiny. or, maybe I’m just lazy.

Anyway, I’m alive and able to write this post – thanks to my extraordinary machine.

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