Airline Food

Yesterday I flew from Southern California to Vancouver, British Columbia.  It was a busy morning, I had some errands that I had to do before 10:00, so I really did not eat any breakfast.  I had two cups of coffee and some chips that were leftover from a Poke salad.  I had a little time to get some food at the airport, if I had wanted to, but I am not a fan of over-priced, airport food.  So I did not eat.  I had brought an apple with me figuring that I would eat it on the plane.

The one thing that I did need to do at the airport was receive my seat assignment.  The website would not allow me to choose my seat so I had to do it at the gate counter.  So after hassling with several different customer service people at the gate, no-one seemed able to complete the task, I finally received my assignment, 37A.  When I boarded the plane I walked past all of the rows until I found row 37, the last row on the plane.  No problem, I was not in a hurry to get anywhere so no big deal.  Seat A was the window seat, which is what I prefer.  One of the flight attendants and I were laughing about us not leaving the gate on-time because one of the passengers carried a cello in a case onto the plane and a ground crew member had to come up and strap it to a seat.  Then I had a nice man and his young daughter sit next to me.  We were almost ready to leave the gate.

I was looking at my entertainment options when another flight attendant addressed me asking me if I would change my seat.  The father and daughter had an eight-year old boy flying with them and he was not happy about not having a seat that wasn’t next to his father.  “Of course I will change; you should have asked me sooner.  No Problem.”  So I switched seats with the young boy and ended up next to the cello and it’s owner.  The flight crew were very grateful.  During the flight they were doing their meal service, selling snacks or meals to be eaten.  When they reached me the attendant said, “Pick what ever you want, it is on us.  Thank you for switching seats.”  So I ordered a Chicken, Pesto, Wrap.

I was so grateful for that chicken wrap because I was hungry on the plane.

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