A Little Night Music

Autumn remains upon us… as if on que, a final blood moon beckons to the early morning passengers before packing up and heading off till 2025.

The days’ thin veil, threshold between dead and living, is behind us, giving hope that we have successfully, again, remained on the right side of the curtains.

Candles extinguished for hearth-bound fires.

Yet, deeper we sink into the calm, still caverns in which we have buried our divine spark – our knowledge and experience of who we are. Sap slows to a halt. Chill nights, moist with ice — sleet and rain — slippery roads for late night television dramas… neatly edited into tight bundles to be dispersed amongst the hungry minds of distraction; those who wish not to spelunk this season.

It is a journey all will take; but the embarkment and timing is of our choosing. How long do we wish to sit in the pressure cooker of our own devices?

I am grateful for fictional encounters with poetic masters… for sources of fixes and healings…

For soundtracks to life’s dances, for dental floss and dainty treats – good food to eat.

I am grateful for the bounding forth of our curious minds.

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