The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful

Safety Zones

As things are happening around me and life is changing for me, all of which I am happy about and grateful for, I am being asked to exit my comfort zone and to expand my safety zones.  Maybe expand is… Continue Reading →


what is ephemeral; what shall last? release my future forgive my past brother drowns in dreams too large scraping the ocean’s sand within distance of land saying he hopes he lies on the floor his mind rusts and his whisper… Continue Reading →

The Ether

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill writes about the ether.  He talks about it being a living force that exists in this world/universe; that if you were able to understand the ether it would work for you.  More than… Continue Reading →


I am grateful for this morning’s coaching session with Marc Wendt. It was a challenging and wonderful exploration of my personal integrity; it’s integral aspect to my liking myself and well-being. I think I have been very slack with personal… Continue Reading →


For the past three years I have been fortunate enough to have been nominated and selected to officiate on CIF North Coast Section Soccer Playoffs.   This year I am officiating on two games, the first round, last night, and the… Continue Reading →

it was going to be different

I was going to post about HHC (yeah; you know me)…. And I thought I’d be getting a lot of work done while house/dog sitting… And I was going to use a different song… But at 3:45 this afternoon I… Continue Reading →


Today I am grateful for all of the tools that are in my toolbox that help me drive my life forward!  Today I finished a book by Bedros Keuilian called “Man Up”, in this book Bedros states that a person… Continue Reading →

Accountability… have you had your plus sign today?

I think there are two elements that creates one to choose to acquiesce* to what is: hopelessness success And there is one tool that I am grateful for tonight that I believe helps prevent one from acquiescing: an accountability partnership…. Continue Reading →

Amazing Grace

Recently I posted that I was grateful for Grace; having her in my life. Today I just want to reiterate that sentiment! As a business partner and partner in life, I am truly GRATEFUL that Grace has chosen to be… Continue Reading →

I’m grateful for


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