The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


Tonight is quite challenging to find something to be grateful for… And yet I know I have so much to be grateful for; my cup spilleth over. However, all said and done, tonight I’m grateful to still be alive… (“But… Continue Reading →

any given moment

i am grateful for so much; when in gratitude, what challenges me—ails me—diminishes… i hold total faith that any given moment is potentially the last as one experiences the divine nature from which one is created… and duality, death, struggle… Continue Reading →

Grateful or Thankful

Today I am both Grateful as well as Thankful; for they are one in the same.  I do not say that I am thankful, just because it is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States; I am thankful or grateful… Continue Reading →

a roof over my head

It has been very cold this past week… And, as it should be this season, the rains have come—and I’m hoping that they continue throughout the season, for they bring health and abundance to our seasons. However, especially with the… Continue Reading →

Artistic Behavior

Today, as I was sitting on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train, better know as BART, I was sitting next to the window, so I was watching the sunset.  It was absolutely beautiful! As a matter of fact, this past… Continue Reading →

physical therapy

A couple of months ago I fell off my skateboard and landed on my shoulder. Tonight, I’m grateful for the physical therapists working with me, helping me strengthen and heal my shoulder – so I can get back on my… Continue Reading →

It is amazing

Right now I am grateful that the media was totally wrong about the presidential election, that was just held here in the United States; not because I wanted President Elect, Donald Trump, to win, but I absolutely despise the arrogance… Continue Reading →

two amigos; love & hope

I really am grateful for hope and love… There is an ease in bringing hope to consiousness… sometimes it can be quite challenging for me to have faith; to be hopeful. However, if I put some energy to it it… Continue Reading →


This evening my daughter and I went to her very last soccer team party, for club soccer; where she is the player on the team.  It made me think, that with both of her brothers out of the house, it… Continue Reading →

it’s only me

tonight’s kind of easy… i am grateful for halloween i like the thought of embracing that which is scary – it then is no longer feared. while things lay in the shadows, ignored or shied away from — it is… Continue Reading →

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