The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful

Busy is Good!

To continue my thought process from last weeks post… I am working on doing all of the things that I know will make me successful.  I wake up early, exercise, read, meditate, eat breakfast, write down five goals that I… Continue Reading →

one day at a time

I am very grateful for being a part of BAJA. Not just a part of; I am honored to have the title and responsibility of producer on this. First time producing. Every journey begins with a first. This experience has… Continue Reading →

“Stay thirsty my friends.”

For those of you that do not know, the title of today’s post is the Tag Line from a Dos Equis beer commercial.  I was thinking earlier this week, that in the past three years, I have achieved so much… Continue Reading →

to bravely go

…into the future i truly appreciate and am grateful for stepping bravely into the future. today is day 6 of shooting BAJA i can’t think of anything that is a braver step into the future then film-making I’m very grateful… Continue Reading →


this beautiful, classic song of deep friendship, virtue, and painful consequences… starts with another one of my favorite classic rock ballads — by the legend — Alice… truth is, we all bleed i am grateful for all who stand with… Continue Reading →

Spring has sprung

This afternoon my wife and I decided to take our five dogs for a walk in the Vineyard.  At the beginning of this new year we only had three dogs and now, after this past weekend, we are at five…. Continue Reading →

some like it hot

right now, i’m grateful for the sonic sounds of jazz… for me, it’s neutral. it’s perfect. it’s peace – emotional and flowing… unattached and encompassing all aspects of life i fu’kin’ love it!

March Madness

Well if you saw how I filled out my March Madness brackets, you would wonder what I have to be grateful for.  Three of the four teams that I had chosen to go to the Final Four were eliminated in… Continue Reading →

A Bit of Blood that Weeps

I am grateful for Spring… I am grateful for the energies of the seasons; the continual cycle of renewal and death. The rain will make the flowers grow

Good Work

Today I am grateful that I am so happy with what I do on a daily basis, to provide for my family.  I truly enjoy working with the people that I am allowed to work with.  I enjoy educating people… Continue Reading →

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