The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful

The Price of Life…

Are you making as much money as you would like?  Are any of us?  There is always that question, how much is enough?  I apparently have not made as much money these past two years, as I thought that I… Continue Reading →

our health

tonight, I am grateful for my health… because when it’s gone, I miss it!

to life

i am very grateful for this evening’s chorus recital that my youngest daughter, Bodhi, participated in… and for my sitting with Jonah and Liz. i’m not all the way over things yet — i am learning oh, yes, and for… Continue Reading →

No Title necessary

Nothing really special has happened this past week.  My wife and I returned home safely from our trip in Houston; I flew up to Seattle to meet a business partner at a client’s facility, where we had a wonderful meeting. … Continue Reading →

heavenly peace

as i take pause — and settle in to a deep, warm feeling of gratitude… well, i’ve not yet mastered the ability to name with purity of heart & soul and i have a strong faith that we all are… Continue Reading →

There is a whole lot….

Today I am in a suburb of Houston Texas, with my wife, visiting her uncle.  We flew in last Friday and we have been having a great time visiting him and traveling around Houston, seeing the different sites.  Tuesday we… Continue Reading →


Today I am grateful for communication… for all those with the patience and wisdom of their strength to show up and communicate. If left to my own devices and imaginings, I truly would be a lost cause; a lost soul…. Continue Reading →

Good ole’ USA

Today I flew from Seattle back home to the S.F. Bay Area; sitting next to me was a nice young gentleman, who was returning home as well.  We had a nice conversation about a lot of different things; some of… Continue Reading →

the path

you know what i’m grateful for tonight? that i have a true friend guiding me home

Travel 2

I am back home, able to sleep in my own bed.  That is something to be grateful for, in its self.  It was a wonderful trip to Scotland and Count Cork in Ireland.  The business part of the trip was… Continue Reading →

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