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A reminder that we are grateful

end of story

I’m grateful I had a nightmare, woke up, and remembered to post…

Wonderful view

This morning I drove south through the California Central Valley on Highway 5.  With all of the rain that we have received here in Northern California, the hills to the west of Highway 5 were a deep green; and with… Continue Reading →

where does it lie?

today, i’m grateful for the path which leads me away from my desire to be special… better then thou. we are only living peacefully, fully in love, when we live as one—side by side. i trust and keep faith that… Continue Reading →

Down with it

Last Friday, BAJA was greenlit. I’m grateful to be a producer on this production. And I’m exhausted… So this is a short one. #BajaMovie

Financial opportunities

Today is very simple; getting the bills paid, a roof over my families head with food on the table.  That is what I am grateful for; that and the opportunities that I engage in that help pay for it all.

beautiful skies

truth be told, i’m grateful for this blog and the accountability i have with it and my brother… it is good practice to take a breath and think of something I am grateful for—honestly grateful for, regardless of where i… Continue Reading →

Inner Peace

The other day I had to take my daughter to school in the morning; as we drove to the school, we passed by the Catholic church that my wife and I would attend occasionally when our children were young.  People… Continue Reading →

when we are down

I’ve said it before—it’s a fact… i have moments when it is the friends in my life that help me find strength to keep going… sometimes those friends are people i’ve never met who happen to say the right thing… Continue Reading →

It is a new year

I recently wrote down my goals for 2017; to do this I had to review my goals for 2016.  What I found out, is that of the eleven goals that I wrote down for 2016, I accomplished at least nine… Continue Reading →


My mother, resident of Nicaragua right now, turned eighty last June. She’s showing me how young eighty is. She’s teaching me to be brave and follow your heart; if you do, life’s always an adventure. She teaches me that people… Continue Reading →

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