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A reminder that we are grateful

plodding along

Tonight I am grateful for those in my life that encourage me to step up; r1se up. To do one better than to acquiesce. I may be plodding along right now… I’m not dead.


Today I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had this past year; the challenges as well.  I am grateful for the people that I have had the opportunity to work with and I am grateful for the progress… Continue Reading →


Yesterday I was in such pain, emanating from my lower back, it hurt to stand… Tonight I am grateful that I decided to take some care for myself, and visited the hot waters of Almonte Spa. I’m grateful they had… Continue Reading →


I still do not attend any church or temple on a regular basis; but I do try to practice the teachings of Jesus. His teachings are great guidelines on how we should all treat each other. So I am grateful… Continue Reading →


Tonight I am grateful for support… ’cause I’m on a support call to help get my email/Outlook straightened out. Because after years of hobbling along with my workhorse computer, that froze, crashed, and hampered my ability to operate smoothly—my youngest… Continue Reading →

Hard Truth

Today I am very grateful for my friends who continue to speak hard truths to me.  It is not easy to listen to them; but it is what I need to hear.  I need to learn how to take care… Continue Reading →


Tonight I am grateful for the bookends of my day… The coaching I received from Marc Wendt. I sometimes wonder about the validity of all this life coach madness, spiritual chaos—and yet, he caught me quickly and called me out… Continue Reading →


Today is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States of America.  I am thankful and grateful for family and friends…now I am grateful that i remembered to write this, before I fall asleep.

Vinyl Black Wednesday Party

Holy Christ! I almost forgot… I was invited to work a gig last night at Sweetwater by All Seeing Eye Dog Productions. The gig is tonight; and I almost forgot about. I’m not sure what sparked the memory for me—what… Continue Reading →

Human Kindness

As you may or may not know, my mother lives in Southern Nicaragua. She absolutely loves it and has not intentions of ever moving back to the United States; there are times that I think that maybe I should move… Continue Reading →

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