The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful

It is a new year

I recently wrote down my goals for 2017; to do this I had to review my goals for 2016.  What I found out, is that of the eleven goals that I wrote down for 2016, I accomplished at least nine… Continue Reading →


My mother, resident of Nicaragua right now, turned eighty last June. She’s showing me how young eighty is. She’s teaching me to be brave and follow your heart; if you do, life’s always an adventure. She teaches me that people… Continue Reading →

Fight the Fear

Have you ever had the urge to try something new, but you were worried that it would not work out or be as fun as you thought that it would?  That one little voice in your head that keeps your… Continue Reading →


i appreciate the rich tapestry of life, threads woven together so similar and also so unique… creating the cloak with which we wrap ourselves up in day to day i am grateful for Life merry christmas

Roots, Rock, Reggae….

Why that title…?  I do not know; it just that I am sitting in a hotel room, in Oregon, (where it is supposed to be 15 degrees Fahrenheit tonight), and the song is running through my head. Today I am… Continue Reading →

the great adventure

many friends and my family know i’m going through it — have been for a while… and the funny thing is, i really have no idea what it is i’m moving through might it be madness? might it be divine?… Continue Reading →

Marching On

I really should have written this post last week, but I was very busy, relaxing and enjoying my family and some very good friends, company.  I turned 50 last Thursday and I spent the day, as well as the two… Continue Reading →

timed and waiting

today, I’m grateful that WordPress allows one to schedule a post… i know i’ve used this before; but as I write this, i’m hoping i’m on the road—adventuring with as many of my children as want to join me—and i’m… Continue Reading →

Mill Valley

Good Grief… sometimes the simplest of things can bring gratitude. I am so grateful that I am able to live in Mill Valley — and to live here with mi familia… My children are so beautiful; so wise. They are… Continue Reading →


I don’t know how many people who read this blog, know that there is an extreme drought here in California.  How could you not know?  Our media and government lets us know about it all of the time.  Well the… Continue Reading →

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