I have written a few times about the choices that we face and the power that it creates for us.  We are faced with multiple choices every day; some are small choices and some have a huge impact on our lives.  If we have faith and believe in ourselves, ask for guidance, we usually will make the right choice.

I have had many “life” choices this past year and half and I have prayed on them, asked guidance from friends and family and I am happy to report that I have received good advice from all three; and I am very happy with where I am currently at in life.

I am grateful for the choices that I have had to make and I am looking forward to many more.


tonight i am grateful for a place of peace, a place called home
i’m grateful for everything that leads me there – and the people in my life that bring it

My Mom

Today I am back in the United States of America, after spending six days with my mother and two of my three siblings, in Nicaragua.  My brother, sister and I traveled down there to help celebrate our mother’s 80th birthday with her.  She has been traveling to Nicaragua for the past twelve years and she moved there permanently over three years ago; she is a resident of Nicaragua.

It was a great trip and I am very happy that we have finally made it down there to see the places and meet some of the people that my mother talks about.  It was also very eye opening to see a country that does not have the economic strength of a country like the United States.  It rained almost every day, so the jungle and surroundings were all green; it is a beautiful country.  I am grateful that we made the trip, that we traveled safely and that we were able to spend time with our mother and her friends on this birthday week.

I am absolutely GRATEFUL that I now know that even being so far away from her family, here in the United States of America, my mother has friends and “family” who watch out after her and who are there for her in her new chosen home of Nicaragua.  Every where we went, whether our mother was with us or not, when someone found out that we were Margie’s hijos, they told us how much they loved our mother and what a wonderful person she is.  I do not worry about my mom as much, now.  She is well taken care of; and if you know my mother, she acts like she is 50 or younger.

I look forward to my next trip down there and I hope to bring my family with me, this next time.

Time to travel

Today I am in Nicaragua; I just arrived yesterday.  I am here to help my mother celebrate her 80th birthday.  This is my present to her.  Usually she has to travel back to the states to visit her children and grand children.  This time, my two sisters and I are making the trip to her.

I am very grateful that I have a mother who is still healthy, very mobile and acts like she is fifty rather than eighty.

I am grateful that I have the time to travel, so that I can make this trip.

Happy birthday mom!  I love you!

a sudden flight

I am grateful to be leaving for my Mom’s 80th birthday celebration in Nicaragua with 2 of my siblings… and wishing all my family was with me!

New Beginnings

This week, as I begin some new endeavors, I am truly grateful for the support that I am receiving from my family and friends.  I truly do enjoy the work that I do, educating businesses, improving processes, helping them become more profitable.

So thank you to everyone who has my back!

yeah. yeah. it ain’t nothin’ but pushin’ – pushin’ hard

today – i’m grateful i got up this morning and got at it best i could…

made it to ripped body workout.
got my work in.
broke like a mother fucker. broke hard.

still breakin’ – still got faith it’s all for a good cause.

’cause if life is real… and love is real; and we all really capable at any given moment to be the miracle — alive and well.

then it’s worth the effort… Sisyphus ain’t got shit on me.

Better bow my head while i’m still livin’. more and more i realize i’m takin’ what i’m givin’.

may my efforts be positive on this planet. may my children benefit. may my family benefit. may my friends benefit.

may the stranger benefit. may i know no enemies. may we know no pain.

today? i’m grateful i woke up another day and got to it.

working opportunities

Tonight I am happy to say that I only have one and half days left as a full-time employee with Horizon and PoolCorp.  I truly have enjoyed my twelve plus years with the company; I have made some really good friends and I have learned a lot.  I will continue to work for them on a part-time basis, but I am very excited for the new adventure that I am embarking on.

When you are presented with the opportunity to do something that you enjoy and still be able to make a comfortable living, you would be a fool not to make it happen.

So I am grateful for my tenure with Horizon/PoolCorp, and I am grateful for the new opportunities that are in front of me.


Today i went on a wonder full walk in nature… a lot of it very peaceful and quiet.

I think it was just what two souls needed…

Nature; healing green, healing flowers — healing paths through tall, majesty… soft soil underfoot

I am very, very grateful for nature’s way


There is a lot going on; I am doing my best, within reason.  Summer is quickly approaching and I cannot wait to participate in my favorite season.  I just paid for my one son’s fall college tuition, very happy and proud that he is continuing with his education; my other son is now thinking of attending a college and getting his degree.  My daughter just started working at her first teenage job; working with animals, so far she likes it.

There is so much to be grateful for when you think about life; think about it though, don’t dwell upon it.

I am writing this on a Wednesday and scheduling it for posting on Thursday; yep I am grateful for all of the above.