The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful

Home is Where the Energy Is

Today I am grateful for my family’s home, just down the street. They have energy; I do not. So I am grateful to hang out with friends and family at The Maples, plugged in, and getting some work done.


This week I am in Nicaragua visiting my 83 year old mother.  I am having a great time, relaxing a little, but driving a lot; as my mother is taking me around to meet a lot of her friends and… Continue Reading →

Take the Risk

Life is interesting!  You can sit back and relax, be complacent and accept what life gives you or you can take a few risks and alter your course. A little over three years ago I took a risk by leaving… Continue Reading →

He’s in Trees

Today, I am grateful for the time I got to spend with my son. I am grateful that I didn’t leave until he was ready to part… I almost did; I didn’t. For that, I am grateful. It is so… Continue Reading →


All said and done, this has been an interesting, learning experience here in Washington.  I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had working up here.  It has reminded me that communication is so important in life.  It is… Continue Reading →

The Voice

…tonight, I am just going to hang out a bit with Heaven’s voice: let it wash over me.

Winding Down

Four months ago I started a project for my company up here in the state of Washington.  This week, project comes to an end.  I have been very grateful for the opportunity up here; grateful for my partners that have… Continue Reading →

What Ever….

This is one of those….I am so grateful for everything! Is this going to be one of the famous two line post?  Yep, it probably will be; but I am truly grateful for all that I have been given.  I… Continue Reading →

and the world is born in time

sometimes, by the flowing stream of gentle rains, i rest… feeling the still depth of my soul darkness flowing slowly up and out into the grey skies of eternal paths mossy, stone embankments sooth my eyes water splashing up to… Continue Reading →

Strong Support

When you are standing in a storm, it is always nice to have some sort of shelter.  Today was a storm!  A lot of different things were going on, both professionally and personally. I was able to talk with a… Continue Reading →

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