The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful

Brick Walls

In life as we proceed forward there will always be hurdles or brick walls that we run into. ¬†We can choose to allow them to stop us from proceeding, or we can deviate our path and go a different way…. Continue Reading →


in this moment, i’m grateful for my skillz ūüôā a while back i changed themes and lost the crystal cove header to our blog — and crystal cove is very near and dear to my brother’s and my heart… i… Continue Reading →

Every Four Years….

With that title I must be talking about the Olympics. ¬†If you know me well, more than likely I am talking about the World Cup of Futbol tournament. ¬†I am watching a women’s semi-final soccer game for the Olympics, right… Continue Reading →

Taking it Easy!

When you work for yourself, either as an independent contractor or owning your own business, getting started is not easy. ¬†Unless you are already independently wealthy, you have to really budget your spending; you may bill your customers on time,… Continue Reading →

the healer

sometimes in this life, one does well to have someone guide them. it is still our unique path we are traveling—but we’ve hit a rough spot and the extra help… well, helps. tonight i am grateful for one such guide… Continue Reading →


Yesterday I drove with my oldest son down to Fresno; we went to sign a lease on his apartment, while he attends school there. ¬†We arrived a little early, my doing, so my son suggested that he go fill out… Continue Reading →

Pop Music

sometimes the lightness of it all, is part of the strength it holds. nailing elements of life just perfectly; a group of artists working together… bring it all together perfectly tonight; i’m grateful for pop music crazy, right?


I am grateful for today. ¬†Pushing myself to do the things that I should be doing: ¬†exercise, study spanish, work and write this blog. ¬†Anyone of those things would be easy for me to find an excuse not to do,… Continue Reading →

my children

I am very grateful for all three of my children… They are vessels of pure joy; their miracle of Life is blessing my own every day — every night.

This Post

There is so much to be grateful for today. ¬†It may not seem like it with all of the political turmoil and senseless violence that is going on here in the USA; but there really is a lot to be… Continue Reading →

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