The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful

It’s so easy….

These blogs are so easy to write!  There is so much to be grateful for.  The agreement that my brother I have, from when we started this Blog, was that we had to post at least once a week.  Well… Continue Reading →

just another night

tonight i am grateful for entertainment (yeah; it’s quick… it’s late)

This morning….

This morning I am sitting at my desk, in my house, working and watching the sun rise up over the hills to the east.  There are some clouds in the sky, so as the glow begins and grows stronger, as… Continue Reading →

Coming together…

As I continue my life’s journey, I hit a speed bump or road that has a few pot-holes, but I continue to move forward.  Sometimes, it may seem like I hit a dead end, but that is just an opportunity… Continue Reading →

Simple things

Sometimes, it is the simple things I am grateful for. This morning, I am grateful for heaters… Simple; and so appreciated on a cold morning. My thoughts go out to the people who weather cold winter nights without shelter and… Continue Reading →

Get Out!

Today I am grateful for all of the people that are helping me to step outside of my comfort zone.  They help me look for unconventional solutions.  This is helping me move forward, both personally as well as professionally.  It… Continue Reading →

Well it is here…

Don’t ask!  That title just popped into my head; so I wrote it down.  So what is here?  Well a lot of rain, here in Northern California; yes we are in a drought…???  The rain has the hills covered in… Continue Reading →


My brother’s last post was about perseverance… Good God, I am grateful I am journeying so closely with my brother. And in honor of the challenge of the feminine in my life… i know i am closer to knowing divinity… Continue Reading →

Is it possible?

Is it possible to be near the bottom and be completely content; knowing that it is only a temporary situation?  A very good friend and I have had this discussion; and we are both confident that if we were to… Continue Reading →

Loving Life!

I am once again, going to write about how grateful I am for the life that I live.  Things are not always easy, but I live in a great house on a great property.  I have three great kids, that… Continue Reading →

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