Today i went on a wonder full walk in nature… a lot of it very peaceful and quiet.

I think it was just what two souls needed…

Nature; healing green, healing flowers — healing paths through tall, majesty… soft soil underfoot

I am very, very grateful for nature’s way


There is a lot going on; I am doing my best, within reason.  Summer is quickly approaching and I cannot wait to participate in my favorite season.  I just paid for my one son’s fall college tuition, very happy and proud that he is continuing with his education; my other son is now thinking of attending a college and getting his degree.  My daughter just started working at her first teenage job; working with animals, so far she likes it.

There is so much to be grateful for when you think about life; think about it though, don’t dwell upon it.

I am writing this on a Wednesday and scheduling it for posting on Thursday; yep I am grateful for all of the above.

New Horizons

…and just like that, as bleak as things seem to be, the sun cracks through the clouds and a ray of sunshine peaks through.  It brings with it thoughts of better weather.  So this is what I am grateful for today.

light of day

…just around the corner from the light of day.

Yep, Joan—well said.

I think what one needs to be very cautious about is one’s ego when coming out of darkness into the light of day,

Still; day light is to be celebrated — with all the amps turned up to eleven.

It’s the Law

This past week my mailbox has been full of bills that need to be paid; I have been looking at which invoices will be paid first and how much or little can I get away with by making partial payments on others.  Then today I received an email stating that I will receive Eighty something dollars for some soccer games that I officiated on.  Very cool.  Wait, I’m not done; a little later on I received an email stating that money was being transferred into my bank account for some work that I had done.  Now things were going to be a little easier.  When I returned home, I went to the mailbox and there was a check for some consulting work that I had done.  Now I can say that life is beautiful!

What does all of this have to do with The Law?  It is the Law of Attraction!  Napoleon Hill stated, that whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.  Remain positive and work hard, picture in your mind what it is that you want to achieve, work towards it and you just may be amazed at the success that you will have.

So tonight I am grateful that my work is paying off, that I will be able to pay my bills and that in 22 days I will begin a new chapter in my life, leading to even more successes.

songs with beats

sometimes in life, it takes a little bit… a little breath and pause… to get in touch with something i’m grateful for.

in these times—yes, these times—it is often something simple that i touch upon.

like tonight for instance…

i like songs with a(n) (up)beat. 🙂

Perseverance and trust

Righ now it would be so easy for me to just walk away from my position at PoolCorp; the hours that I am working and the amount of work that I am doing, it would be so easy to just leave.  That is not who I am.  I gave my word and I will stick to it.  When I do leave, very soon, I will have done my best to make sure that it is at least operationally sound.  By this I mean that the store that I am currently managing will not have any WTF’s left behind in my wake.  I have told my wife that I will be working some longer hours this next month to make sure that I have not left a huge mess.  She thinks that I am crazy, because I don’t get paid to work those hours; but that is my moral compass.  I won’t feel good if I leave behind a mess.

This next month will not be easy, but it is the last page in a chapter of my life and I am looking forward to starting the next chapter.

So I am grateful for my perseverance and I am grateful for all the people that continue to help my along my way in life.



Tonight, I am honestly grateful for God.

For God is Love. God is Strength.

And though I walk through the fire—I know I couldn’t take another step if you weren’t real…

And what is the science of God? Infinity.

If you and I are talking mindfully about infinity, we’re talking about God.

“God” is just a label for communicating the infinite; that which goes beyond naming.

I don’t know what is truly real… for what is real is real forever.

Give me the wisdom to know the difference…

What? Me, Worry?

Does anyone remember Alfred E. Neuman?  Right now, if I let it, my life would be full of worry and turmoil!  If I let it.  I won’t!  It is not healthy.  I can only get done a certain amount of things in one day.  So I prioritize and hopefully the most important things will be done.  If I spend time worrying about what is not being done, then nothing gets done.  Work on what is most important to you.  Life happens, let it!

There are so many good memories of my grandmothers house, but one of them that makes so much sense, is in her kitchen, hanging on the wall, was the serenity prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

This is not a bad way to start the morning every day.  I ask for help and guidance and I receive it.  I do not have time to worry about it.  I will be the best that I can possibly be.  I will do what I say that I will do and life will continue on.

It is so simple…

I am worn out today.  This whole week at work has been 12+ hours worked; there have been no breaks or time for me to relax.  I am worn out.

So tonight, I am grateful for going to bed early.

Good night!