The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


Everyday for me is a learning experience.  There are lessons all of the time.  Some days are more difficult than others and these are the days that I draw on what I have already learned and I push forward.  I… Continue Reading →

another 24

I am grateful for the eternal I am grateful for the words of wisdom, pointing the way to the eternal Light I am grateful for the friends, cloaked as enemies, showing me what i am too unconscious to see I… Continue Reading →

Keep on paddling

This past week my oldest child and I had a conversation about life lessons.  He has had some hard ones recently.  I told him that sometimes life makes a sharp right or left turn and how we handle that turn… Continue Reading →


i’m grateful that my brother isn’t going to get $5 for me not posting tonight…

Loving Life

There are a lot of lessons that we learn in our lives; some are harder than others.  As a parent it is hard sometimes to watch my children get hit with some hard lessons.  I want to help them and… Continue Reading →

Happy, Happy…

Maybe my title should be Busy, Busy, because that is what I am.  I did not do a whole lot of work that I was paid for this week, but I was laying the ground work to be paid in… Continue Reading →


today I am grateful for my tears. it washes my righteousness and anger away, bringing me back to zero—a reboot if you will— and i am once again filled with peace and hope, knowing there isn’t anything that separates us… Continue Reading →

Once again…I don’t know

There is a lot of bickering going on in our nation right now; fueled by social media as well as the main media outlets.  It seems to me, that if people put as much energy into loving each other and… Continue Reading →

a warm room

things are difficult right now – no doubt i am certainly facing some demons; dark mornings/dark nights i have faith that something of value is being forged by the raging fires i might be wrong i am grateful for a… Continue Reading →


In my life, there are three very specific friends that are more than just friends to me…they are family!  Two of them I have known since we were in diapers.  I even told my wife, when we were dating, that… Continue Reading →

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