She is….

This evening I am grateful for all of the blessings in my life. One of the biggest blessings is the wonderful lady who is my business partner. She helps me and makes me want to continue to educate myself and improve my life. I am grateful for her and I am grateful that in all…

Long Days

This past weekend was looonnnggggg. The United States of America celebrated it’s independence day on Thursday, July 4th; so I took July 5th off from work, which made it a four day weekend. Two of the four days were spent with my oldest child and his significant other. It was great to see him and…

No Idea

I am grateful that I have no idea where I am… and I am exactly where I am supposed to be. (I just threw up into the back of my throat w/ that post… PA-Lease!!)

Color Me Gone

That title is derived from some old school chaos, courtesy of one EBH. Yeah, I am grateful for hitting the road tomorrow… It’s been a long time since I meandered about. Long overdue!

Far From Over

So much good in life.  So much to be grateful for.  I give thanks to god every day. I am grateful that a person that I know who needed a new liver now has one and is recovering. The beginning of a new life for this person. I am grateful that I am spending a…

Fire Tear Me Up (I Don’t Burn)

I am grateful for the eternal Grace from which I’m from. I have seen my evil, and welcomed the Spirit lovingly into my darkest haven… for forgiveness and healing. I’m grateful for the LOVE enduring beyond all that is, was, shall be. I am grateful for you, too.

Poster Child

There are many things to be grateful for. Too many for me to list. I am having a wonderful week and I am so grateful for that!

Mind Set

There are times, probably more often than not, that I may deviate from the path that I am walking on. If it is a conscious decision then no problem I am aware of what I am doing. Sometimes though I may be distracted, looking at the view and I wander off just a little. These…

A Light Touch (Please)

I am grateful for my brother. My children. My friends. My passion. I am grateful for the life within. Christmas in summertime. Eternity is calling: grateful.

Using The Old

Using the old to continue with the production of the new. I am currently reading a book that I read every two years; sometimes less than. It is written by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., The Mastery of Self. It is a very good book that helps me keep my self and my life in perspective…

I Think I See A Light

Of course, I don’t know for sure… it could be a train. One thing about a tidal wave, it eventually tapers out. And in my experience, a film production is a tidal wave. “No one expects the Spanish inquisition.”, Cardinal Ximénez (sort of) Well, this posting is quite the mess. It is all over the…

Master of No One

In my readings and discussions I am reminded that I am not responsible for how others think or react. I am only responsible for my thoughts and my actions. How others respond to what I say and do is their responsibility. I am grateful for this enlightenment. It does help me in my daily life…