Why Wait

I may wait just to mess with my brother.  If I don’t get this posted by mid-night tonight, I will owe him five dollars; so if this was April Fools Day rather than Thanksgiving Day, I may wait until 23:58 tonight to post this blog.

Today is Thanksgiving Day, here in the United States.  I was scheduled to be on a two planes today, flying from Columbus Ohio to Phoenix Arizona; that trip was pushed back and I am able to sit and relax today.  I am watching World Cup Futbol and American Football, all day.  I am relaxing with a person whom I love very much, grateful to have so much to be thankful for.

My older sister and her husband travelled to Nicaragua this past week, working to resolve my mother’s affairs; while they were there, they partook in a celebration of life for our mother as well as a dedication and tree planting ceremony in memory of our mother.  I am grateful that my sister was able to do this and grateful that her husband, my brother in-law recorded a portion of it and threw it up on YouTube so that we were able to watch.

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