What is that?

Today I worked on a boat charter for Prince Charters, out of Huntington Harbor, Huntington Beach California. We had Thirty people aboard; it was just me, the Captain and a bar-tender. I usually only run like this when I am an assistant referee on a higher level, boys, soccer game. Fortunately it was a beautiful day and only one of the guests became ill. Before the charter, the USCG performed their Five-year inspection on one of the other vessels in the fleet. It reminded me of a BIT, Bi-annual Terminal Inspection, inspection when I managed a certain distribution center.

When I started working for a certain company, managing one of their distribution centers, we had two Class A vehicles in our fleet. When I arrived on my first day I asked one of the drivers, “When was the last time that you had a BIT Inspection?” To which he replied, “What is that?” I knew then that we had some work to do. In the end, we passed every BIT that we had performed and the company learned something new about commercial vehicles.

Working for Prince Charters I am very fortunate that Captain Doug knows all about Coast Guard inspections. So I am grateful for the authorities that are doing their best to keep our roads and water ways safe.

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