A little over a week ago I was presented with a new Samsung watch. I generally do not wear a watch; only when I officiate a soccer game. Then I wear two. I was given this watch and I have been wearing it almost twenty-four hours, seven days a week. I do like it. I like that I can see who is calling me; if I want to make the effort to answer my phone. I like that I can actually talk on the phone over my watch; I essentially have my phone on my wrist.

What I really like about this watch is it is helping me improve my health, my fitness. It is easier for me to track and watch, pun intended. I can wear this watch when I officiate a game and it will send me some of the same information about my health, that my Spintso officials watch does. I am grateful for my health and I am grateful that was gifted a watch that helps me keep and improve my health.

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