To Health and Life…L’Chaim

If you listen to the radio or watch television then you have been inundated with advertisements insisting that you become vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccination. On social media it is a badge of honor to say that you have been vaccinated. The beautiful thing is that there is more than one vaccine to choose from. If you have invested in any of the three are four pharmaceutical companies producing these vaccines you should be grateful for the governments that allow them to be distributed without testing and paying for them so that the populace can be injected for free. Did I mention that they have not really been tested yet? Our

So today I am very grateful for my health. I travel a lot, do to the work that I do, and I can tell you that the airports and airplanes are becoming more and more crowded. Knocking on wood here, but I have not had a cold, the flu or even the Corona Virus these past fourteen months. I have never had a flu shot and I have never really been ill with the flu or even a bad cold. So I am grateful for my health and I am grateful that I currently still have a choice on whether or not I want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine; currently I choose not to. I am healthy and my immune system seems to be working just fine without it.

Maybe I am grateful for Freedom of Choice?!

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